We Own


Who we sell to:

We ask our clients what they want us to grow, when to grow it, and how much to grow,
and we grow it for them locally!
Restaurant. Let us produce locally for you to differentiate, stabilize your menus,  and provide repeatable quality, produce!
Grocery Store. Let us produce locally for you to ensure freshness, and diversity of produce to meet your local market demands!
End Consumer. Let us produce and deliver locally to you pure produce free of chemical and biological contaminants.
Government. Let us provide critical crops free of biological and chemical contaminants to ensure food sovereignty!
R&D. Let us provide access to our controlled and measured cultivation environment to conduct plant R&D.
Charity. Let us direct your purchase of our pure produce to a Food Bank, Hospital, School, a loved one, or other charitable location.

Farm To Fork!

We produce what the local market wants, when they want it, and in the amount they want!

We produce more!

Our sites are able to produce more variety of crops that may be found in a local farmers market, without risk of pesticides, or biological contaminants, and are consistent quality.