Our Tech

Sprout AI

is a system of integrated technologies that provide a controlled environment for cultivation.

Plants are grown within enclosed habitats using fogponic for nutrient delivery within a hermetic root chamber, and these enclosed habitats are placed in in rolling racks, 3 rows per rack, for a total of 15 habitats per rack.

To provide maximum configuration to cultivate multiple plants within the same facility, our minimum sized facility will house 150 habitats.

ETCH biotrace

is a system of integrated fertigation technologies that provides a system of nutrient delivery to plants for cultivation and tracking. Plants receive a unique recipe of quality nutrients to optimize their grow cycle, while also providing a unique taggant which will enable the plant, or its resulting products, to be tracked to final consumption, destruction, or recall.


is a system of secure Web based software modules designed to provide complete enterprise resource planning and compliance (ERPc) software for urban indoor vertical cultivation of multiple crops. Using OS2, all plants are tracked from seed, clone or tissue culture through to final consumption, destruction or recall. Using OS2’s Sprout AI module, plant cultivation is optimized to reduce cycle time, while increasing plant yield and key performance indicators (KPI’s) such as color, taste, and texture. Using OS2’s ETCH biotrace module, plants can be effectively traced to provide a defense against counter-fitting and to meet international traceability requirements

Our Tech

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