Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision is to continually innovate and provide the best vertical indoor farming technology that will ensure that anyone, anywhere, at any time, can reliably produce high quality, affordably priced, produce.

Our Mission is to continue to grow the most innovative vertical indoor cultivation company to ensure that every human can reliably have access to high quality, affordably priced produce, and in a way that directly benefits their local community by the year 2050.

Our Value Proposition

Pure Crop - We cultivate using pure nutrients only, no pesticide, herbicides, compost or other contaminants.

Crop Agnostic - We control the environment so that we can cultivate virtually any vegetable, fruit, or mushroom.

Produced In City - We produce & process locally, with direct delivery to our local consumers, reducing transport cost & time.

Sustainable - We use a fraction of water, and nutrients to produce our crops, and can easily scale production up or down.
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Our Competitive Advantages

Micro-climate controlled - Our cultivation technology, Sprout AI, controls, evolves, study's, and adapts to enhance morphological structure, pheno-typical expression, and in turn chemo-typical profiles and yields. This system will generate some of the most repeatable produce through the study of independent variables.

Measure & Manage - Stabilized controlled environmental parameters reduce contamination within the closed-loop Sprout Al habitat resulting in production greater than pharmaceutical-grade standards and risks associated with crop loss, with goal of targeting a 4.7 Sigma Value.

Lower Costs - related to:
  • Labour: perpetual harvest of small batch production
  • Energy: 2.6. kWh per sq.ft but adjusted per Rack/per Block to optimize consumption
  • Water: water positive
  • Nutrient: fraction of traditional

Greater Yield & Efficiency - related to:
  • Multiple crops from same root system
  • Harvesting the full plant, not just micro or baby crops, using 1 energy input system.
  • Easily staggered harvest grow plans to optimize smaller labour force, power & water consumption

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